Girls + Boys…

Lately I’ve been listening to an eclectic mix of music everything from the Blur to Linda Clifford and Dalida. This weird mash up on musical styles captures my rather catholic tastes. Yes! Is my attitude in general when it comes to music, and art and life. Enjoy

Too Darn Hot

It’s hot in NYC, and the air conditioners are on full blast. Lets go to the beach and dance.

Société Mattachine

These have been on my mind and in my ear this summer in the studio and the car. Enjoy some chill vibes from the beach to the city.

No Wave on Avenue A

Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the mixed tapes I made for my Sony Walkman in the 1980s. I’d take the train into NYC from suburban ennui. My adolescent life had a sound track and it sounded something like this.

America is one big gay disco

This month I’m listening to allot of dance music, the gayer the better. This playlist begins with Louis La Roche’s “One Big Gay Disco,” which spins a very danceable track around a rightwing christian nationalist rant against “smug elites” and “gays”, and “disco”. What a great way to turn a …

I’ve Got a Boner for Jesus

This month I’ve been thinking about my early religious education that was mostly centered around my participation in a church choir through much of my youth. That experience established a life long love of music, especially gospel, jazz, folk and rock-n-roll. In spite of the many contradictions and misgivings I …

Oooh La La

Oooh la la, music from my inner francophile that I’m listening to in the studio. Enjoy. La Mer by Charles Trenet La merQu’on voit danser le long des golfes clairsA des reflets d’argentLa merDes reflets changeantsSous la pluie La merAu ciel d’été confondSes blancs moutonsAvec les anges si pursLa merBergère …