Girls + Boys + More

This month, I’ve been listening to an eclectic mix of music everything from Hole and the Blur to NWA and Judas Priest. This wierd mash up on musical styles captures my rather catholic tastes. Yes! Is my attitude in general when it comes to music, and art and life. Enjoy

Too Darn Hot

It’s hot in NYC, and the air conditioners are on full blast. Lets go to the beach and dance.

Société Mattachine

These have been on my mind and in my ear this summer in the studio and the car. Enjoy some chill vibes from the beach to the city.

No Wave on Avenue A

Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the mixed tapes I made for my Sony Walkman in the 1980s. I’d take the train into NYC from suburban ennui. My adolescent life had a sound track and it sounded something like this.

America is one big gay disco

This month I’m listening to allot of dance music, the gayer the better. This playlist begins with Louis La Roche’s “One Big Gay Disco,” which spins a very danceable track around a rightwing christian nationalist rant against “smug elites” and “gays”, and “disco”. What a great way to turn a …

Body as Form

A sculpture studio exploring the body as a site of intervention. Building upon the abstract principles of art and design this course serves as a pedagogical bridge between introductory sculpture and three dimensional design studios. The common vehicle for all of our three dimensional study in this course is the …

Introduction to CERAMICS

This introductory graduate level ceramic studio introduces multiple making methods from sculptural modeling, and throwing forms on the wheel, to mold making, and slip casting.

Experimental Ceramics

Expressionism and experimentation in ceramics. This course is open to artists, designers, and more experienced students who have taken Ceramic Fundamentals. Through various theme-based projects, students develop sophisticated proposals and are supported through innovative sculpture, model and mold making workshops. Ceramics can blur the lines between art, design and craft. …