In my interdisciplinary art practice, I merge ceramics, painting, and prints, reimagining traditional crafts and contemporary sculpture with a focus on social commentary and queer narratives. My assemblages layer patterns, marks, and materials, obscuring portraits to the brink of abstraction. Clay figures, marked with gestural sgraffito, interact with these images.My work narrates revisionist histories through a codex of portraits and ceramic artifacts. For instance, prints on paper and porcelain confront police surveillance footage used in sting operations against gay men, obfuscating portraits to metaphorically address historical erasure. These assemblages evoke makeshift street shrines in moments of celebration, loss, and reverence. intentional erasures reveal a profound absence. Some of us can’t help but reveal our nature. A pentimento, a residual trace of the portraits beneath comes to the surface, embodying the enduring power of presence amid absence.