Girls + Boys…

Lately I’ve been listening to an eclectic mix of music everything from the Blur to Linda Clifford and Dalida. This weird mash up on musical styles captures my rather catholic tastes. Yes! Is my attitude in general when it comes to music, and art and life. Enjoy

Salted Not Sugared

Press Release Ben Shahn Center for the Visual Arts announces the opening of Salted Not Sugared, a solo exhibition of works by Andrew Cornell Robinson. This is the first exhibition to extensively survey the interdisciplinary art of NYC based, New Jersey native artist Andrew Cornell Robinson, presented by William Patterson …

Western Style Raku Fire

Andrew Cornell Robinson has been working with Raku fired ceramic since he first apprenticed to a potter in the last 1970s and early 1980s. His first mentor, Grace Bailey and his teacher Dave Cohen both studied under American ceramist Paul Soldner, who adopted and adapted Raku firing methods and popularized them in the United States in the 1960s. Andrew continues this tradition today in his studio and shares this knowledge with his friends and students.

Confabulations + Fantabulosas

Through Confabulations + Fantabulosas, Robinson explores how to visually represent visibility, celebrating and surrendering to various aspects of life, including joy, absence, pleasure, loss, and reverence.

In House

The Jane Hartsook Gallery is excited to announce an exhibition showcasing the diverse talents of Greenwich House Pottery faculty and staff. Featuring a large vessel from a series of works created by Andrew Cornell Robinson that he made using raw clays harvested from a river bed in Haiti, and created …

Too Darn Hot

It’s hot in NYC, and the air conditioners are on full blast. Lets go to the beach and dance.

Société Mattachine

These have been on my mind and in my ear this summer in the studio and the car. Enjoy some chill vibes from the beach to the city.

April 2023 Spring greetings

News from the studio my prints will be included in Cannonball Press’ Print Arcade. I’m teaching some ceramic workshops at Greenwich House and ArtShack. There is a mixed tape, and some notes about drawings and a painting in progress in the studio.