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A Congregation of Ideas Across Multiple Projects

A collection of related works about process, personal and constructed identities, craft materials and meaning, drawing and language.

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My Cup Runneth Over

A project exploring the vessel form and notions of gratitude, plenty, poverty in material or humanity.

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Fruit Bowl Manifesto

Installation images from the exhibition An Accidental Revolutionary a Fruitbowl Manifesto. It includes ceramics, prints, garments, performance collaborations and sculpture.

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Momento Mori

This series of sculptures exploring figuration and artifacts related to the lives of various men, women and moments in time take inspiration from the tradition of memento mori.

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Offering Bowls

A series of bowls containing multiple sculptural artifacts exploring collections, and notions of artifacts as relic.

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Rebellious Heart

This is a series of objects include ceramic, glass and mixed media grottos and containers.

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Test Tiles

A selection of ceramic glaze test tiles

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Contemporary Ceramics

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